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If you do not want your trailer or your car or you exposed, then please fix and clean your trailer up, clean yourself up, clean your car up, and maybe you wont be laughed at so much! Please make sure to click "older posts" When you get to the end so that you will see all the beautiful content!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Trailer Trouse Clubhouse in WESTMORELAND

Thanks to one of my readers, I was given the location of this incredible estate that would make frank lloyd wright shiver!!! Just to make sure you knew it was actually a trouse , below is the proof where you can see the trailer in the back clearly.

The White Trash View on Employment EXPOSED

If you check the post back a while on the washington mills trailer park review, I spotted this Honda Frontier and exposed it. What I did not notice right away was the bumper sticker, which did not surprise me at all.

Trailer Trash in fulton, oswego NY

These aspiring business people have set up shop right in the trailer park selling the most common item within the trailer communities across america....TRASH!!!! Mention this site and see if maybe you'll get a discount!!!!

English Trudor!!!

In case the name of the post confused you, this is a rare example of an "english trudor" which is a trailer tudor. The great architecture of americana is very apparent here in mexico new york!

These gorgeous wonders really inspired me to someday hope that I could build a house on top of a trailer! Haha I was just kidding!


This place has always enchanted me. I remember taking my girlfriend there for a good laugh years ago, and also videotaping it with a buddy of mine whos a local cop now. We always had a good laugh visiting this wasteland on rt 28 headed to richfield springs. Its actually for sale for I believe $150,000 so if you have the cash to burn this would be a great thing to waste your money on!!!

Trailer Park Review: MOHAWK trailer court

This Place is not too big but there certainly are some beauties. Its located right across the mohawk station where 5S intersects. The people that I ran into were actually pretty nice and didnt seem trashy, but judging by the trailer conditions its not really some place I would want to live! I wonder what the dog thinks???

Trailer Acropolis

Just another view of the trailer acropolis north of boonville ny!

Redneck General Store in Ledyard NY

Redneck Vending Machine

This was pretty interesting! I dont have anything against "rednecks", but its funny to see stuff like this during my travels. This was located at the wilcox general store in ledyard ny.

Really Disturbing Trailer Nonsense

I dont know what really bothered me more when I came across this trailer home in Marietta NY, the bbq propane tank rigged through the trailer wall, or the poor trailer cat sitting next to it looking freaked out.


If you find yourself parched in chittenango, make sure that you stop by lot #17 and have yourself a refreshment!! Sams choice mountain lightning, or a mountain holler soda anyone!??

Earth to Trailer, Earth to Trailer come in please....

This thing was so prominently displayed outside this home in ninevah ny, I had to expose it! I bet it can easily communicate to trailer parks in mars or even further!

Random Trailer in Locke NY

I cant believe someone actually was living here, I saw a car and signs of life outside. I like the modern air conditioning unit installed in the center of the home, and the elevated end of the east wing.

Locomotive Trailer!!

Doesnt this trailer look like a speeding locomotive!! Haha

Trouse in summer hill ny

I exposed this house near marietta ny and was almost fooled thinking it was just a ratty house but it was no doubt a trouse!!

Byrne Dairy in white trashville

I couldnt help but notice this letter prominently displayed at a byrne dairy store in fulton ny. By the way if you do not know what an EBT card is, its what replaced food stamps. Not that food stamps are a bad thing, but most people will agree with me that many people rape the system.

Trailer Park Review: FOXMEADOW in GRANBY

This trailer park came out of nowhere and I almost missed it! But you know that trailerfun had to turn around and expose this place!

Im guessing the construction in the middle of this trailer is for cathedral ceilings...Always a nice thing to see in a rotten singlewide!!

Notice on the next trailer the wood stove pipe just waiting to burn this trailer down!!!

This model singlewide has a unique wavy design, very trendy!!

Funny Gas Station Sign

This sign was funny, I cant exactly remember the town it is in but its somewhere north of cortland

I can find some good use for this!!!

If only I knew how to drive this thing!

hey the pom poms are in aisle four!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

updates coming!!

Don't worry that there hasn't been any new content in almost a week, I have a lot more to share. I have some great stuff prepared for you to laugh at and will have it posted soon...I have been travelling daily getting content it will be worth the wait just wait a couple more days that's all!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

James Carville even thinks trailer parks are funny

Back in 1996 James Carville aka "The Ragin' Cajun" from CNN Crossfire, quoted

"Drag a hundred-dollar bill through a trailer park, you never know what you'll find."

Monday, March 23, 2009

I am so confused and amused by this utica OD ad.

Reading the sunday observer dispatch in utica, I came across this advertisement for an upcoming concert and had to scan it. Is this the best utica can come up with??? Let me tell you why I am so confused about this ad....WHY THE F*CK IS THIS GUY HOLDING A TELEPHONE?? Can someone figure this out?? This guy looks like they yanked him right out of paradise mountain in trenton!!!

Trailer Park Suburbia in Syracuse!

This is the trailer park of suburbia which I cant stand either. It makes me think of some hamster cage with people popping out asking for some cheese. If your gonna spend three hundred thousand on a house dont buy one of these upscale trailer hamster cage houses! Do you agree with me???

Canajoharie Trashy Gas Station

Haha I love seeing this gas station in canajoharie, not surprisingly the area around it is full of trailers!!!

Trouse outside herkimer

This thing looks so stupid its on 5S between herkimer and fort plain. Just buy a house for gods sake!

Random Trailer!! Broadalbin

This beauty was hidden right behind a gas station, I was getting gas and couldnt resist taking a picture!!

Random Trash House in Fort Plain

This dump outside of fort plain, on fordsbush road made me disgusted so I wanted to show it.

Actual Mansions pt 3

Just another nice looking mansion I saw that I liked. It is so refreshing to look at this after a day of trudging in trailer parks!!

Actual Mansions pt 2

This is the house of john breyo, who grew up poor in schenectady. I have a lot of respect for people who are self made millionaires, and although I do not really like the design of this house it is just unreal how big this place is. Its over 61,000 sq ft and is bigger than the white house. This guy actually doesnt even live here much I believe he stays in florida. I wonder what he thinks of a trailer park??

Actual Mansions pt 1

This is what was for a while the largest home in saratoga. I actually love documenting actual mansions as much as trailers so I may sprinkle a few in here as well. This home is awesome its on North Broadway and I believe the last name of the owner is Riggi, Supposedly he worked at GE and figured out how to make better parts and started his own thing.

What the nicest a trailer in a park should be.

I was going to do a review of the trailer parks in saratoga this weekend, but its difficult finding any worth documenting. This one in the loughberry estates park caught my eye simply because I believe its probably the nicest trailer in a park I have ever seen and I think it shows just about what the most you could do to a trailer to make it look nice without over doing it. Wouldnt you agree this is not a bad trailer at all? Figures its in saratoga though.