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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Here is a "Grouse"

A "grouse" is not that bird thing hillbillies shoot. A grouse in this case is a garage that someone uses as a house. It is not too often in upstate ny that you come across one of these and even more rare to have an inside look at one. I completely apologize for the shaky quality of these images but I am just satisfied that I got at least something. The old man that has lived in this grouse since the '40s was very apprehensive about me and it was very difficult to pull off these shots with my phone without him seeing it. In the blurry interior picture of the grouse you will notice that I am not lying about him living there. In fact on the outside you will see the outhouse he uses to the right. I actually had to pee and he just told me to go on the yard.

Actually he was very decent to deal with and I think he just has been a lonely guy all his life, never married and has literally lived in this garage since 1940 something!!!!!!! It actually has its own address and he gets mail there!!!If you happen to know where another grouse may be located please do share!!!

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  1. W. Main St. in Westmoreland. Right hand side of the road (if coming from 233), just before Lowell Rd. Green house our front. The story I'vw heard is that the guys mother died, so he shut the house up, and moved into the garage.