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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trailer Park review: TUXEDO TRAILER COURT in ROME NY

This actually was a pretty large trailer community with hundreds of trailer homes in it but unfortunately it has decayed into nothing but a few broken down 'ol singlewides rotting away. I will definitely post a picture of it when I get a chance to swing by. If anyone has a picture of it during its heyday I would love to put it on here! The name is just perfect, I envision a large community of trailer homes with all their residents wearing tuxedos with tails and white gloves stepping outside their trailer homes and into their boxy Grand Caravans headed to a hard days work at walmart. I actually did have a visit one time with a resident there and they were so embarrassed to call it the tuxedo trailer park when I kept pressing them about what the name was.

The lady of the trailer was actually making her kids bread with butter on it for lunch. I didnt feel bad about that because In the living room was a huge rented big screen tv and of course the all too common rented sectional trailer couch with thin purple and teal stripe design!!! You know what one I mean if you have been in enough trailers!!!

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