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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Treasures I am currently seeking

There are some treasures that I am currently seeking to find and I am hoping you may be able to help me post some verification that these items do in fact exist. If you have any experiences or hopefully some photo verification please let me know right away!

  • Wine Glass Portrait (where the couple is photographed within an empty wine glass, I do have two images of this that I have taken but I cannot seem to find them which sucks because I feel this is like the holy grail of trailer treasure)
  • Xena Warrior Princess Jacket (I unfortunately have only witnessed this trailer treasure once and I regret not getting a photo.
  • Highlander Sword Collection (this I have seen a few times. Actually any sword set inside a trailer is always a good laugh!)
  • Outdated Brand Apparel (i.e. BUM equipment, surfstyle, spoiled rotten, buttnaked)
  • Oversized tweety bird shirt
  • Black Sectional Couch with pink and teal striped design
  • $300 Nascar leather jacket
  • Billy Bass singing fish on the wall
  • Mid 90's Rusy Dodge Caravan packed to the hilt.

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