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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Upcoming trailer reviews and images

I plan to complete an extensive review and image portfolio of our states trailer communities. If any trailer parks that you feel would be rightly investigated and photographed are to come in mind, please comment on here or email me at and let me know! I plan to soon post reviews of:

  • Golden Horseshoe in mohawk
  • Siren Trailer Village in floyd
  • Randazzle Trailer Park in little falls
  • Atomic Project trailer park in ballston spa.
  • Paradise in trenton
  • the park on Rt 69 in whitesboro (can anyone comment on what it is called?)
  • the trouses in bridgeport off rt 31. (aeriopagatica and rinaldo blvds)
  • the trouses in Fordsbush near fort plain.
  • Allentown NY (this will be the mother of all investigations if I am lucky enough to get in)
  • Oniontown NY (same difficulty but I am sure will be highly lauded)
Please help me add to the list as I know there are hundreds more that we need to experience!!

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