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If you do not want your trailer or your car or you exposed, then please fix and clean your trailer up, clean yourself up, clean your car up, and maybe you wont be laughed at so much! Please make sure to click "older posts" When you get to the end so that you will see all the beautiful content!!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Why Do I do this? And this is this legal??

I frequently get comments wondering why the heck I spend so much time on this and if it is illegal in some way.

Well the main reason I do this is because it is funny and controversial! I choose to photograph and display homes of people that I feel are voluntarily living like slobs. You will see mostly trailers but sometimes I will choose to show a house that looks like garbage too. I do not care how poor you are, you can clean your house up and make it presentable.

Also if you are relocating to a new town and are thinking of moving into a trailer park, my site may make it easier for you to see what the neighborhood will look like. It could be a great reference tool and may save you from living in a less than desirable area.

The narration I use is my opinion and you may agree or disagree but I am in no way violating any protected rights or anything. And also check the law, you will find that it is entirely legal for me to take and display the pictures on here, ever use google street view?

And I also get asked often about whether I work or how I have time to do all of this. I am self employed as a consultant and make six figures most years, although this year its rougher as it has for most. I do not live in a trailer, and have never lived in a trailer, although if I did I certainly would not keep it in the condition these places are. Many people do hard drugs, or are into bizarre pornography, or have fetishes. I guess you could say my vice is trailer hunting, maybe it makes me feel a little better about my self watching these people. Maybe it angers me to see people living like this and If you tell me to mind my own business, then you should take your own advice and forget you came here.

For those of you who are entertained by my material or find it useful, please give me feedback and comment on how I can make it better!


  1. This site is great. There is another trailer park on mapledale road in barneveld you should check out.

  2. A one of a kind for you. Moore Rd, Westmoreland, West side about 1/4 mile up on right from Skinner toward Cooper. It's a trailer, clubhouse on top, addition on top, etc etc. ENJOY!

  3. i think you're doing a great public service. and you're right. even if you have no money, it doesn't cost a dime to walk around and pick up garbage off the ground. and i'm sure they have the money to buy a case of old mil' light every few days. go to lowes and buy some paint instead.

  4. I finally got to where it ALL BEGAN.....Don't quit the trailer stuff PUHLEEEEZE....!~~~We'll get you johnny cochran if you need him (oh wait he's dead); don't worry, they won't sue money and atty's don't take yoohoo nickels LOL

  5. So why don't you post a picture of yourself & your family. Also a video or at least pictures of your house. So we know what perfection looks like. You want to help people right? Well you have shown us your opinion of how & where not to live. So now show us your opinion on where & how to live & how to look living it. I Dare You

  6. Do you go to church?