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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Melissa Rivers is white trash

While writing a new post for Mr Condescending, I had the "celebrity apprentice" show on. Joan Rivers called annie duke white trash. I like annie duke. Then Melissa Rivers, who is Joan Rivers daughter, begins to throw a tantrum and starts swearing like purebred trailer trash herself. It was funny because both the rivers look like trailer trash and white trash themselves and I think that is funny!!!


  1. Seriously...I. CAN'T. STAND. ANNIE. DUKE.

    I think she is a snake...a liar...a slimeball. If I am ever watching a poker tourney from here on out and her ugly 'Hitler' mug is on there...I will be forced to change the channel!

    I am not a fan of bratty Melissa...but Celeb App has made me respect Joan Rivers a lot more than I used to!

  2. I was a little upset that they kicked him off, too...and although Dennis Rodman was a total d-bag, I admired how Tom stuck up for him.

    I am routing for Jesse James, though...every time I think they might just kick him off...I start swearing that I'm boycotting the show...and then they keep him...and voila! I'm back on Sunday night!!!

  3. Haha ok Lopez, its down to joan and annie, this will be interesting!