Trailer Disclosure

If you do not want your trailer or your car or you exposed, then please fix and clean your trailer up, clean yourself up, clean your car up, and maybe you wont be laughed at so much! Please make sure to click "older posts" When you get to the end so that you will see all the beautiful content!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh its a wonderful day in the trailer world!

Pretty nice day out today! It gets me in the mood where I don't mind working and sure don't mind capturing some trailer people either. I get coffee in the morning generally, but I'll tell you one thing I hate...making it myself at a convience store. I HATE having to touch those lids because you know so many other people grabbed em with their grubby little trailer hands.

So I went to dunkin donuts to get a coffee. In front of me was this big bootylicious donut babe. I like a little junk in the trunk but holy shit this was like a landfill.

I captured two trailers that are actually police stations!

Then just captured a few losers about town.

This lady above needs to read, probably because her social security check doesnt come for another 10 days and she can't afford to do anything else!!!

These two slimmies above are headed into the gym for their daily workout. Oh wait, actually they are heading into a burger king. Could have fooled me!

Wipe that smirk off your face, im not the paparazzi!

So sexy!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Trailers Exposed! Rome NY

Beautiful weather out today in upstate ny! I couldn't resist going out this morning and capturing some daily white trash out losering around!

First I spotted this successful man wheeling around in a tricycle.

Then I watched as this cool cat glided along the road doin' big things!

I had to capture the latest clothing trends as well, because this hot mama was struttin her stuff on the walmart catwalk. The panty line held its form even as it strained to hold in the hotness!

Just an oil change and a few spark plugs and this truck is ready to roll!

Ahhhh the 'shady grove' trailer park. According to the sign, you have to be a resident to leave trash on the property.

The shady grove triler park's sponser clearly has a lot of work cut out for him.

Notice the cute ornaments all lined up!

Cute as a button! Three buttons!

Yeah you moron, keep weed wackin your way to prosperity!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I would be depressed too

You may need to click on this pic to enlarge it, but check out the poor girl sitting on the steps to the right. I would be depressed too if I had to live in that dump. Hopefully she makes something of herself someday. I would suggest Stripping.

Bottle Return Idiot, Trailer Pool, and Loser Motorist

Bottle Return Idiot, Trailer Pool, and Loser Motorist- Respectfully.

Bottle Return loser captured in Liverpool NY, at Wegmans

Trailer Pool Captured in Georgetown NY

Loser Motorist Captured on I-81 in Syracuse.

A Sunny Drive Through IdiotVille

The other day I had to drive through some backwoods towns by the name of South Otselic, Smyrna, Scot, Cincinnatus, and Pharsalia. I was pleasantly surprised by all the free entertainment, and captured the best for you to enjoy as well!!

I Love how the cheap plastic lawn chair is set outside in the front. You know some hot trailer babe is usually out there tanning her fupa!

Behind these grand gates lies a majestic estate. (Yeah maybe for Matt and Amy Roloff!)

I wouldn't be surprised if that clothesline is helping hold the trailer up!

Someone parked this gorgeous estate right on the side of the road. I would suggest turning it into either a roadside food stand, or a tourist gift shop selling homemade velveeta, kool aid stain removal wipes, and cigarettes.

'Reflecto Silver' Must be the new "in" color for the new home designer!