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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

More Trailers Exposed! Rome NY

Beautiful weather out today in upstate ny! I couldn't resist going out this morning and capturing some daily white trash out losering around!

First I spotted this successful man wheeling around in a tricycle.

Then I watched as this cool cat glided along the road doin' big things!

I had to capture the latest clothing trends as well, because this hot mama was struttin her stuff on the walmart catwalk. The panty line held its form even as it strained to hold in the hotness!

Just an oil change and a few spark plugs and this truck is ready to roll!

Ahhhh the 'shady grove' trailer park. According to the sign, you have to be a resident to leave trash on the property.

The shady grove triler park's sponser clearly has a lot of work cut out for him.

Notice the cute ornaments all lined up!

Cute as a button! Three buttons!

Yeah you moron, keep weed wackin your way to prosperity!


  1. The walmart catwalk!!!! Spot on, sir. Spot on.

    The elastic in those panties needs to get hazard pay.

  2. Is the guy on the tricycle wearing a cap? Or is he just sporting the most fabulous quiff since Elvis scooted off to the great pie shop in the sky?

    Haha @ shady!! Indeed!

  3. He does have a funny hairstyle!

    GI did you see the new award I won on mr condescending?

  4. I can't help it, this blog makes me a wee bit homesick.

    I got a good chuckle out of the Walmart catwalk. At least they have a Walmart there!

  5. I'm also a fan of the woman on the Walmart catwalk. The ornaments are probably my favorite, though.

    You got me all hyped up about being my 100th follower...but someone must have dropped out, I'm down to 99! Hmm...

  6. jessica, just remember its only a wee bit.

    90's, shit i swear it had 99 then i followed.

  7. Where can i get that cool "JAZZY" scooter like the guy that's out doin' big things is riding?

  8. That's easy, just fake a back injury or tell the dr you have fibromyalgia. Then get medicaid and the state will buy you one.

  9. Your posts definitely make me thankful for being born to a good family with outstanding morals and work ethic.

    I could never live like this.

    ...and I noticed our Wal-Mart model's panty lines before I read your caption...I wonder if this makes me a bad person...

  10. Lopez you are completely getting my motivation for this site! I makes us realize how lucky we are and it makes us feel so much better.

  11. lol you mean the rather phallic one you awarded to yourself?

    Top notch work, btw ;)

  12. @Lopez ...and I noticed our Wal-Mart model's panty lines before I read your caption...

    I did the same thing. Why I don't know I had no desire to see her butt.

  13. The truck in the yard has to be somewhere in west Rome. Out past the Erie Canal waste.

  14. Ok. I can see laughing at the dumps that people create. However, I'm not sure how a disabled, elderly man is supposed to funny?

  15. @Anonymous1: It was in that trailer park off clock rd in taberg!

    @Anonymous2: good point, and you're right.