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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oh its a wonderful day in the trailer world!

Pretty nice day out today! It gets me in the mood where I don't mind working and sure don't mind capturing some trailer people either. I get coffee in the morning generally, but I'll tell you one thing I hate...making it myself at a convience store. I HATE having to touch those lids because you know so many other people grabbed em with their grubby little trailer hands.

So I went to dunkin donuts to get a coffee. In front of me was this big bootylicious donut babe. I like a little junk in the trunk but holy shit this was like a landfill.

I captured two trailers that are actually police stations!

Then just captured a few losers about town.

This lady above needs to read, probably because her social security check doesnt come for another 10 days and she can't afford to do anything else!!!

These two slimmies above are headed into the gym for their daily workout. Oh wait, actually they are heading into a burger king. Could have fooled me!

Wipe that smirk off your face, im not the paparazzi!

So sexy!!


  1. Ok i have a question....How do you sneak up on a mumu like the bon bon butt girl and not have her catch you? Or does her big behind muffle the click of your instamatic?

  2. hah, your comments all just made me laugh!!! I sneak up on them with a 700mm zoom lens most of the time. But the big booty was caught with the trusty cellphone. instamatic lol

  3. Had to come over and check out your stuff and I'm making a mental note never to visit your neck of the woods for fear that my fat ass will show up on your blog! But I have nothing to fear as my ass is nowhere NEAR as fat as the lovely lady from Dunkin Donuts! Yikers!

  4. Her butt was amazingly round. Like two Christmas hams tucked securely into those stretch pants. It wasn't really a butt, more like a dumpster rumpster.

  5. Jenners - thanks for stoppin by. Butts like those are a true rarity.

    Sal - you are right they do look like hams!!!!!!

  6. And bootylicious didn't see you take the picture?

    This post was so worth getting up this morning!

    Have a happy weekend, Mr. C

  7. lopez, thanks for the kind words! she didn't see me but her husband was sitting down and I had to be sneaky.

    You have a great weekend too, hopefully playin some kickball.

  8. Junk in the trunk, eh?

    She appeared to be having a whole car boot sale in hers.

    Good grief, I never knew I was so bitchy! :/

  9. theres no reason any girl should complain about her butt after seein that!

  10. Ohhhh my gosh this is hilarious. That butt needs some kind of award, I've never seen anything that creepily grotesque. Pin a ribbon on it ;) Heheh...

  11. I am oh-my-goshing myself sick over here! Stumbled across this post somehow, and I am with Trailer Fun Researcher; I am never going to complain about my butt again!

  12. You'd better be glad she didn't catch you snapping that pic, can you just imagine her sitting on your smug ass?

    What a back breaker that would have been.

  13. And I thought I was bootylicious!!

  14. We have police RVs in Bmore."mobile command" they're called.

  15. I swear to Gawd that's my Aunt Debbie's enormous ass!

    Looks like 10 cats in a bag on each side trying to get out.

    At least that's what everyone's always saying when she walks by.

  16. Wow. Is that an ass or is that an ass?