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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Sunny Drive Through IdiotVille

The other day I had to drive through some backwoods towns by the name of South Otselic, Smyrna, Scot, Cincinnatus, and Pharsalia. I was pleasantly surprised by all the free entertainment, and captured the best for you to enjoy as well!!

I Love how the cheap plastic lawn chair is set outside in the front. You know some hot trailer babe is usually out there tanning her fupa!

Behind these grand gates lies a majestic estate. (Yeah maybe for Matt and Amy Roloff!)

I wouldn't be surprised if that clothesline is helping hold the trailer up!

Someone parked this gorgeous estate right on the side of the road. I would suggest turning it into either a roadside food stand, or a tourist gift shop selling homemade velveeta, kool aid stain removal wipes, and cigarettes.

'Reflecto Silver' Must be the new "in" color for the new home designer!


  1. Ok ... the dopey Brit girl needs to know what a fupa is ... ???

  2. GI, its that little pouch girls get in their lower stomach. Fat Upper Pussy Area.

  3. Thanks for the glorious pictorial additions. I hope you don't mind if I steal them in order to add them to my upcoming coffee table book, 5th Edition!! of This Old Double-Wide.

    You ALWAYS bring us the required class it takes to keep up with the McCoys....

  4. Lol @this old doublewide.

    I ony bring you the most exclusive and elusive trailer exhibits out there.

  5. 'Someone parked this gorgeous estate right on the side of the road'

    Ha ha ha, that is so funny!

  6. I forgot to ask, in the first picture, what is that short squat tent with the purple top? A cookin' tent?

  7. Maybe when they are out tanning and it gets too hot they go in there and still think they're tanning