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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trailer Adventures in Cortland, Earlville, Auburn and Beyond

Wow, I have been traveling through so many trailer parks over the last couple weeks, it has worn me out. I got some real nice beauties to expose for you, and I even came across some trendy trailer designs that I've never seen before!

You'll see:


First off, I wanted to show my british readers that I found a union jack and I believe a scottish flag to the left.

This guy wishes he could make his trailer a trouse, but he really just made an even stupider looking trailer. Look at that big butterfly on the gable, its so creative!

Another example of a guy wishing he could afford to turn his trailer into a house. What is the point of this roof, to house more nascar memorabilia in the roof?

This picture below, you may have to click on to zoom in. Take a look at the door, its extra classy and really makes this home look like a million bucks. In trailer money! haha.

This purple beauty you may recognize from the trailer park I built for my blog friends. Its super sexy and purpley.

Ahh, here you have a fine wood trailer. Oh and you can get a glimpse of Mr C at work!

For some reason this looks like an aquarium exhibit to me, im not sure why though.

I liked the rolling top of the trailer on the left, I can imagine the trailer engineers coming up with this creative design.

This thing is real perty. I would feel like a real winner bringing a girl back home here. I bet they have sex in the front room with the funhouse window, and pretend their midgets or somethin.

This was definitely one of the newer designs I've ever seen. Looks like a rhombus shaped trailer!
There should be a geometry class held in the trailer park.

Ahh, I promised you nascar! Nascar you get!

By the way, these were the parks I visited.

I love the beautiful chair setting in front of this fine trailer. So cute and charming. And trashy!

If you click on this trailer, You'll see the words ABC written on the top of it.

The bright candle on this trailer might act as a beacon for weary travelers trying to get through the fog created by the missing exhaust pipes on the innumerable camaro's, mid 90's caravans and rusty dodge neons.


  1. That fancy door trailer must bring back some memories huh? I like the newer Toyota Corolla in the nascar trailer, I'm sure it cost more than the trailer itself, classic.

  2. They kinda remind me of abandoned train cars. Maybe the first trailer park was created by hobos who didn't have any shopping carts to take, so instead, they took train cars. Hence, the mobile home.

  3. I grew up in Gouverneur, NY and spent some time at Bar K Trailer Park. I don't remember visiting anybody in a mobile home that was actually mobile.

  4. These people's decorating skills are magnificent!! I'm envious!

  5. While I can see how this is funny for some people, and not to be a complete Debbie Downer, not everyone is privileged enough to live in real homes, especially in these economic times. I'm sure they crave individuality and decor and are just doing it in the best ways they know how/can afford. Who are you, who am I to judge?

    Shawna's Study Abroad

  6. It's a Welsh flag

  7. Mr. C. does GREAT work!

    I love 'trouse'...and that fancy door on the trailer cracks me up...probably cost more than the trailer!

    and you know i totally had to zoom in on the picture of you in the rear view mirror!

  8. Any chance I can get you to rip that nascar memorabilia off and send it to me? I gots a real good spot picked out on my trailer for it.

  9. You need to visit south Alabama. You would have a blast. People around here build there own houses out of scraps they find at the dump. It's hilarious. They live in trailers that have been flooded with rust and green slime all over them. And of course there is the beat up camaro on blocks in the front yard.

  10. It is unfair that we get a vague intimation of you in a mirror and not more.

    Though we don't want losers coming after you with pitchforks, or donuts, or whatever. So you're half forgiven. Fucker.