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If you do not want your trailer or your car or you exposed, then please fix and clean your trailer up, clean yourself up, clean your car up, and maybe you wont be laughed at so much! Please make sure to click "older posts" When you get to the end so that you will see all the beautiful content!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trailers in Syracuse and Cicero. (some very unique ones)

Well, Ive been slacking about posting trailer pics up, but don't think for a second that I havent been capturing these treats!

hah these two trailer idiots were lookin' at me funny.

Typical trailer idiot outside his trailer with his trailer wife and trailer dog.

Such beautiful architecture. These two trailers above were completely new designs that I've never run across before! Always a rare treat.

This troof was particularly well done. I had to capture it in a certain light to get it to reflect the natural beauty.
I don't completely understand what the motive behind this design was.

This has like a little sidecar on it. It looks like some really smart person probably lives there.

One of the smallest trailers i've ever seen.

You may recognize this from Mr C's Trailer Park. This was the actual trailer. I dub it a 'track' (trailer shack).

Gotta love the 'Reserved Parking'.

click on this one above, which is also from Mr C's trailer park. Notice the utility line going directly into the side of the trailer!

I toned up this beauty too, and gave a california cool look to it.

The spanish tiles really had me fooled into thinking this 'tracienda' was something else!

Love the flannel shirt draped over the propane tank.

I resurrected this trailer from an old post, but had to laugh again at it. This was captured in oswego ny.

The creative amish silhouette kinda looks lke E.T. headed up into the sky doesnt it!?


  1. Tracienda. Ha, I love it!

    Wonder what these people do for a living...doctors? lawyers? hmm...

  2. Aw, trailer dog is kinda cute! He was probably hoping you'd dognap him and take him away from it all. And I think the one with Spanish tiles was rather quaint :P my dream trailer ... as the future Mrs C, can I request now that our trailer have spanish tiles and one of those Amish silhouettes?

  3. Lopez - and bankers too! Lol you've. Been getting funnier! :)

    GI - our trailer shall be outfitted with only the finest accessories. Lopez will come to the trailerwarming party!

  4. tracienda... It sounds like a multi-million dollar ad for velveeta, and all the faux mexican delights made from it.

  5. Tracienda, that was a good laugh! I wouldn't mind going on a holiday in one.

  6. heehee....bwahahahahaa

    hey wait, that 3rd one is MY trailer....


  7. I have just stumbled across your the delights of your blog. You made me laugh on a damp London morning, and for this, am truly thankful.

  8. @Maisie: hey, glad you found my other blog, and thanks for liking it :)

  9. I think this is terrible. Some people are not as blessed as others. I think this "blog" shows how shallow you people are. Instead of wasting your time creating this, why don't you do something worth while and go help somebody in need, instead of mock them...

  10. I find your attempt at humor to be in poor taste and just downright mean. There's a reason there's such a social stigma to being poor and it's inflated because of people like you. I hope you never fall on hard times because the guilt you may feel in taking pictures to make fun of PEOPLE who were not born into financial prosperity and privilege would be all-consuming, well, it would be all-consuming to someone with a conscience which you may lack.

    The United States is doomed to forever have a social caste system and the longer there's an impossibly wide gap in the rich and the poor, there's going to be jerks who feel they're better because of the amount of money they are born into or make themselves. There are some things you just can't buy and in your case, it's compassion and decency.

    I'm not glad I found this blog searching for information on the part of New York that I grew up in but I am glad to see there haven't been posts made in recent years. You may want to think twice before you post things on the internet, because while you may no longer check it or associate with it, it is forever there.