Trailer Disclosure

If you do not want your trailer or your car or you exposed, then please fix and clean your trailer up, clean yourself up, clean your car up, and maybe you wont be laughed at so much! Please make sure to click "older posts" When you get to the end so that you will see all the beautiful content!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

An apology and a request for help.

I'd like to seriously apologize for not posting much here on trailer fun and adventures, as I have been so busy with my other blog. I have been taking tons of pictures, but unfortunately not any new trailers. I still have a bunch that I have never posted, but I didn't want to put your run of the mill trailers up all the time.

I'd like to reassure every one that I have not abandoned this blog, I just have been busy with the other photography and maintaining my other blog.

I would like your help though for any of you in new york state. Can any of you recommend some good places where I can find a unique trailer? Maybe you live near a really run down shack that deserves a spot on here, or maybe you've heard of some wild trailer park antics going on in a park near you? I'm open to exploring basically anywhere in new york state, but It's always easiest to reach roughly a 100 mile radius around Syracuse.

With a little help and support from you, I hope to be back up and running here, so we can all start laughing again!


  1. About 8 years ago, I was living in CNY and we went for a ride one cold winter weekend. For no conceivable reason, we ended up in Taberg, where I saw a sight that I have never gotten over. I still kick myself for not going back with a camera! It was an old trailer on an average sized lot, nestled against a backdrop of trees. And every single square foot of that lot was strew with trash! I have never in all my life seen such a sight. I sensed that whomever lived there had been opening up the front door and tossing their trash into the yard for years! I don't remember exactly where it was, except that we were heading north on Rt. 69 toward Camden and took a right. Looking at Mapquest, I'm thinking it may have been Waldron Rd., Pond Hill Rd., or Rt. 285. Although the Health Department may have ordered the place cleaned up years ago, I'm thinking it'd still be worth the ride to go out there and have a look around. There are a lot of trailers in that area, and some folks have gotten pretty creative in how they fix them up. I seem to recall a few with beautiful, brand new, 2 1/2 car garages. That I just didn't understand. Wouldn't you build an actual house first?

  2. I am a current resident of All Seasons Mobile Home Park in Deerfield, Ohio. I've been fighting a bogus repair charge and a bogus criminal charge. All because of rotten lies told by Carol Foster and Vicki Gilpin of Modern Management Solutions (The management and billing company located in Ravenna, Ohio).

    Now, they are trying to aquire my paid off home free and clear so they can re-sell it for a huge profit. They have done this sort of thing before with the help of their attorney David Allen Sed. Its become part of their business model. Horrible, but true.

    If you want to know how all of this unfolded, please visit either of the following sites:

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  3. I am pretty sure u ppl must have better things to do with ur time then pick on the less fortunate maybe they cant afford better homes ,maybe they are sick maybe they lost their whole family to tragedy u cant just judge ppl by the way their homes look u must be some very lucky ppl close to god to think u can just cast judgement shame on u!!!!